Table Stories - Film i Metrazhit të Shkurtë Dokumentar

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Original Title: Table Stories


English Title: Table Stories


Finished by:  October 2020


Budget:  40,000 Euro


Estimated Length: 20 min


Director: Samir Karahoda


Screenplay: Samir Karahoda


Producer: Eroll Bilibani


Production Company: SK Pictures




After Kosovo’s independence the first internationally recognized sports federation was the one of Table Tennis. Two local Ping-Pong enthusiasts see this as a great opportunity and start self-financing the training sessions for young players. One of them returns to Kosovo after seven years of exile in Germany, in a hope that postwar country will offer prosperity and new business opportunities. He works as a house painter, while the other character of the film is a professional bartender. Their scarce leisure time is completely invested in supporting the local team to prepare for international competitions.


The challenges they will face goes beyond ones imagination.


Their professional Tennis Table is in constant move, on a tractor, searching the training venues. Garages, warehouses, private basements and wedding salons turn into training rooms, usually for a short period of time, and usually getting evicted after 2 weeks of training. Within one year they move to at least 10 unusual locations.


Main characters of the film always meet in a local bar to discuss solution for their training space. At a bar, young people - usually unemployed, discuss complex world politics and other bizarre themes. Our main characters, although sportsmen in spirit that lead a healthy life, powerless to find a solution end up joining the odd conversations on American foreign policy, corruption in powerful states, religion and other bizarre themes over a alcoholic beverage.


15 years later, the Table Tennis team still trains in the hallways of the sport center.


Producer’s Contact: [email protected], +383 46 176 226

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