M - Koproduksion Minor - i gjatë artistik


Original Title: M


English Title: M


Finished by:  2020


Budget: 574,433 Euro


Estimated Length: 100 min


Director: Vardan Tozija


Screenplay: Vardan Tozija

                       Darijan Pejovski


Producer: Darko Popov

Coproducer: Gazmend Nela


Production Company: Focus Pocus




Synopsis:  “M” is a coming of age fantasy drama set up in a slightly unconventional fram – a post-apocalyptic, dystopian world of the near future. The narrative threads of the story intertwine between Marko’s fantasies and the grim reality that surrounds him.





Producer’s Contact:  [email protected]
                                    [email protected]  +389 78 255867

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