THE TINY WALKERS - Script Development

Original Title: The Tiny Walkers

English Title: The Tiny Walkers

Finished by:  2019

Budget from KCC: 5,000.00  Euro

Estimated Length: 120 - 150 min

Screenplay: Jeton Kulinxha

Producer: Jeton Kulinxha

Production Company: In My Country Production Sh.p.k.



On their way home from school, little Dardan and his sister Shqipe are defiled by three men. Shqipe hangs herself the next day and Dardan is left to guard their secret alone. After a lifetime of violence Dardan has to make a choice between love and revenge, unaware the greatest war is the one he harbours within himself.


Producer’s Contact:

Jeton Kulinxha, [email protected]


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