Rain Sonata

Original Title: SONATE SHIU

 English Title: RAIN SONATA

 Current production phase Pre-production.

 Finished by: December 2022

 Budget: 340,000.00 Euros / Grant from CC Kosova – 60,000.00 Euros)

 Estimated Length: 90’

Director: Lorena Sopi

Screenplay: Lorena Sopi

 Producer: Nexhmi Mehmeti

 Production Company: DAT FILM – Prishtina


 Short Synopsis (max 130 words):


 On a gloomy, stormy and rainy day, a young woman, Emi, returns to her home village to bury her dead baby. In the ghost village, abandoned after the war, in her paternal house, she finds her mother Zoja and sister-in-law Shkurta. Zoja lost her husband and son during the war, and Shkurta lost her husband. Both have been waiting for years in the hope that their missing husbands will return one day. Zoja is convinced that at least her son is still alive, while Shkurta expects her husband to return as mortal remains. The two widowed women are now reunited with a woman who has lost everything, Emi, Zoja’s daughter.

 Producer’s Contact: Lorena Sopi / Nexhmi Mehmeti Clare Spencer
T: +383 45 409 711 M: +383 44 334 000 E: [email protected]

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