The Light

Original Title: DRITA


English Title: LIGHT


Current production phase (Post-production, pre-production, productions, or completed): Screenplay development


Finished by: Luan Kryeziu




Estimated Length: 90 – 150m

Director: Luan Kryeziu


Screenplay: Luan Kryeziu  


Producer: Agron Kryeziu


Production Company: ILIRIA FILM



DRITA - Light


The son’s friend brings an envelope with the inscription "To be read only by my mother". Drita gets an education at an old age so she can read the letter of her son who went missing during the war.


Drita falls prey to manipulators, fortune tellers and religious leaders. She realizes that fraudsters are extracting bones from graves and selling them to the families whose dear ones went missing. Drita finds the person who killed her son, but loses the trial because she has no witness as she is the only survivor. Drita decides to make peace with reality and create a new way of living. She changes herself and her complete approach to life, opens the envelope and reads the letter.


By: Luan Kryeziu

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