Father's Home

Original Title:  “ SHTEPIA E BABES”

English Title:   “Father’s home”

Current production phase (Post-production, pre-production, productions, or completed):   30.06.2022;

3.1.2  Postrpoduksioni: fillimi: 02.10.2022

3.1.3 Dorezimi i kopjes per vizionim: 25/12/2022:

3.1.4 Shfaqja e pare publike: 17/02/2023:

Finished by:   17/02/2023:

Budget:   50,000.00€ (pese dhjete mije euro)

Estimated Length:   90-105 min;

Director:  Enis Limani

Screenplay:  Korab Lecaj

Producer:  Valon Bujupi

Production Company:  “ Stars Production”   

Short Synopsis (max 130 words): Synopsis for the feature film “Father’s home” Early marriages have always been part of Kosovar society.
The main character of the film “Father’s home” is Ajshe, a14-year-old girl who is a victim of this patriarchal mindset. Without her will and incited by her mother Hajrije, though against her father’s (Halit) will, Aisha is married to a man, despite being too young.  Hajrije takes her decision about Ajshe, mainly for two reasons: the difficult economic circumstances, namely the lack of bedrooms and on one hand and on the other hand the fear of any potential occurrence of incest relations, because Ajsha’s brother is already 13 years old and both share the same bed. Ajshe ends up in the house of Ruzhi, her husband who comes from a wealthy family living in the city. Ruzhdi is a young man with many problems related to his unlawful activities including him as a drugs user. He also got married against his will, after his parents insisted on it. “Father’s home”. Ajshe becomes pregnant. Ruzhdi ends up in prison together with his father. Ajshe and her newborn baby return to her father’s house. Halit and Hajrije - Aisha’s parents are ultimately forced to make some room for a new family member, for their nephew!

Producer’s Contact:   N.Sh. Stars production

Clare Spencer

T:  , Tel. +38345343434,                                                   
E: [email protected]

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