CARDIAC MELODY - Animation Film

Original Title: Melodia Kardiake

English Title: Cardiac Melody

Finished by:  2020

Total Budget: 15,500.00 EUR

Public funds already in place - subsidized by KCC: 13,900.00 Eur

Estimated Length: 12 min

Director: Leopard Cana

Screenplay: Leopard Cana

Producer: Njomza Hadri

Production Company: Industriel



In a society where expressing love is visualized through placing bubbles of hearts in a breast pocket.

A timid young girl named Era is being abandoned by her beloved boyfriend Lisi.

He decided to pursue his artistic dream abroad the country, leaving everything behind him.

Time passes by and Era gets more and more anxious to get in touch with him.

Even though he stopped responding to her long ago.

Despite the beautiful events that appear around her with great potential of happiness,

Era continues trying, in a desperate need to fill her empty heart.


Producer’s Contact: 044292033

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