Original Title:  Project Happiness

English Title:  Project Happiness

Finished by: December 2018

Estimated Length: 90’

Director:  Borjan Zafirovski

Screenplay: Borjan Zafirovski & Dejan Dukovski

DOP: Dimitar Popov

Editor: Andrija Zafranovic

Cast: Sashko Kocev, Dejana Poposka, Ana Stojanovska,

Producer: Sasho Peshev

Co-producer: Vjosa Berisha

Production Company: Novo Makedonsko Video

Co-production: Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro


While we are listening to Igor’s voice, Lea’s older brother, who speaks about how the times used to be simpler, and the “happiness was visible”, we are seeing short scenes from their childhood, when Lea experienced the happiest moment in her life, with her brother beside her. Years later, Igor is in Germany, working all sorts of works, when he receives a call from his parents, telling him her sister is in a coma, as a result of leukemia. 
In his old neighborhood, he meets with Ana, handball player, and Lea’s best friend. She tells him that in the past several months, Lea was almost obsessed with her project about spreading positivity and multiplication of happiness. They both agreed to check the status on her project and see what was Lea up to. 

Producer’s Contact: 
Sasho Peshev 
Mail.: [email protected]

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