OPEN DORE - Feature Film

Original Title: Derë e Hapur

English Title: Open Door

Finished by: September 2018

Estimated Length: 90’

Director: Florenc Papas

Screenplay: Florenc Papas
DOP:  Sevdije Kastrati

Cast: Jonida Vokshi, Luli Bitri

Producer: Eno MIlkani

Co-producer: Besnik Krapi (Kosovo), Goran Stojilkovic (Macedonia)

Production Company: Bunker+ Film (Albania)

Co-production: Circle Production (Kosovo)


When the very pregnant Elma returns to Albania from Italy, she and her sister, Rudina, set off on a long auto journey to meet their strict and traditional father, hoping, along the way, to find a man to play the part of Elma’s husband.

Producer’s Contact: 
Eno Milkani
[email protected] 

Besnik Krapi
[email protected] 

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