LOOKING FOR VENERA - Script Development

Original Title:  Ne Kërkim të Venerës

English Title:  Looking for Venera

Estimated Length: 90’

Director: Norika Sefa

Screenplay: Norika Sefa

Producer: Besnik Krapi

Production Company: CIRCLE PRODUCTION

When crossing paths with a new friend, timid Venera is pushed to question her patriarchal family and follow open minded Dorina, whose strong attitude against conventions taps on Venera’s curiosity for exploring more. But, when Venera manages to stand up against her family and leave home, things surprise her, Dorina is not willing to keep revolting anymore. With no other choice but to accept the loss of her friend, Venera is left with her awakened crave for freedom. Now, alone, she must make a decision of her own.
Producer’s Contact: 

Besnik Krapi
Circle Production
[email protected] 
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