CHAMPIONS JOURNEY - Documentary Film

Original Title: Rrugëtim prej Kampioni

English Title: Champion’s journey

Estimated Length: 40’

Director: Kushtrim Kadriu

Screenplay: Arton Humolli

Editor: Dren Spahiu

Producer: Arton Humolli

Production Company: A&G Production



Mr. Idriz Humolli is the founder of Bodybuilding Federation of Kosovo and a seven times champion. Mr. Humolli is the author of two books and dozens of articles published in newspapers and magazines. He spent most of his life promoting successfully the sport of Bodybuilding in Balkans. Following his journey, Mr. Humolli had to put a very hard work, make sacrifice and break many barriers when Bodybuilding was not much known at the time. His passion and dedication for the sport became an example for many people proving that we must fight for our dreams and become champions of our own journey.


Producer’s Contact:

Arton Humolli

[email protected]


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