"President brought to tears at private screening of Shok”: We feel that with the film ‘Shok’ we have already won our Oscar®

On Saturday evening the President of the Republic of Kosovo Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga had the chance to see Kosovo’s first ever nominated film at the OSCARS® together with Kosovo officials and diplomatic corps.


‘Shok’ a film written and directed by Jamie Donoughue, produced by Eshref Durmishi and Harvey Ascott has had a huge success in 2015. It all started at Aspen ShortsFest where it won the main awards and continued to succeed in festivals such as Hollyshorts Film Festival, DC Shorts Film Festival as well as festivals across Europe.

 “For the cast and crew of the film: Thanks for perpetuating our story. We feel that we have already won our Oscar.”-  stated Mrs. Jahjaga after the screening.

 Whereas the Prime Minister Mr. Isa Mustafa added: “’Shok’ conveys in the best way the message of the Kosovo Albanian children reality during the war. Suffering and the tragedy of those innocent, the hope and will for human survival. Even today, children are war’s greatest victims and this film is a call on humanity to react.”

Prime Minister Isa Mustafa with SHOK team

The film is set in Kosovo during the occupation in the 90’s, where the friendship of two boys is tested to its limits as they battle for survival during Kosovo war.

The President and Prime Minister of the Rebublic of Kosovo have shown their full support and endorsement behind Kosovo’s first ticket to the Academy Awards®.

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