HOTLINE - Film i Gjatë Artistik

Original Title: HOTLINE


English Title: HOTLINE


Finished by:  September 2021


Budget: 750 000 Euro


Estimated Length: 100 min


Director: Dren Zherka


Screenplay: Dren Zherka


Producer: Bujar Kabashi


Production Company: N’ART FILMS




Edona, a young woman is trapped in Kosovo in a vicious circle of relationships with men as lovers, affairs, sexual advances, oppressive brother and she doesn’t see any hope for her in her country. As a volunteer in a crisis hotline, she creates a deep bond with an ex-soldier from the war, who is suicidal having nightmares about a crime that he witnessed. The German professor with whom she is having an affair is reluctant to sign her on a scholarship for studying in Germany. When she loses the ex-soldier she has no more time left with her fundamentalist brother threatening to lock her up, so she resorts to blackmail to get what she wants and needs in order to escape.


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