Original Title:  Delegacioni

English Title:  The Delegation

Estimated Length: 120 min

Director: Bujar Alimani

Screenplay: Artan Minarolli

DOP: Ilia Adamis

Editor: Bonita Papastathi

Cast: Ndricim Xhepa, Richard Sammel, Viktor Zhusti, Bislim Mucaj, Selman Lokaj, Xhevdet Ferri, Rovena Lule, Fatlume Bunjaku, Avdullah Gjikokaj, Armend Smajli, Gani Morina, Lulzim Zeqja…

Producer: Blerim Gjinovci

Production Company: Bleri Production

Synopsis (up to 100 words):

October 1990. Inmates in a remote political prison in Albania are watching the TV evening news in the cafeteria. They follow with great interest the arrival, in Tirana, the capital city, of a European Delegation that will monitor the government’s implementation of the reforms it has promised – a major prerequisite for the country to be admitted into the OSCE. They have high hopes that the time for them to be released has come. Pressure from international stakeholders on the Albanian government to push for further reform remains high, especially in human rights, which are seen as a litmus test for Albania’s membership.



Producer’s Contact:  blerim.gjinovci

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