Blerta Zeqiri


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Blerta Zeqiri is a highly esteemed Kosovar director with over two decades of experience in the film industry. She is a member of the prestigious European Film Academy since 2012 and has been honored as a "Knight of the Order of Arts and Literature" by the French government. Throughout her career, Blerta's films have received acclaim at more than 200 film festivals worldwide, earning her over 30 esteemed awards.

Notably, her groundbreaking short film, KTHIMI, made history as the first Kosovar film to be accepted into the renowned Sundance Film Festival in 2012. It received the festival's top prize. Blerta is also credited as the pioneer behind Kosovo's first film focused on LGBT rights. Her film, MARTESA, has garnered positive reviews from international media and enjoyed great success with audiences in Kosovo.

In 2023, Blerta was appointed as the Director of the Kosovar Cinematography Center for a four-year term. Her exceptional talent, extensive industry experience, and creative vision make her an invaluable asset to the cinematic landscape of Kosovo and beyond.

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