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Lum has over 17 years of experience as a filmmaker and visual artist, working with film, new media, and anthropologically informed media creation as a creative director, researcher, producer, and lecturer in Prishtina.

He holds a Masters in Visual and Media Anthropology (Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology) from Freie University in Berlin. Prior to that he has received a Bachelor of Science in Applied Arts and Sciences from Rochester Institute of Technology – Kosovo, where he now lectures part-time.

As a scholar of EU’s Young Cell Scheme program which supports the Government of Kosovo in building a professional, merit–based, accountable and apolitical civil service, Lum joined Kosovo Cinematography Center in January 2019, to continue his contribution in the film sector now also from within the institutions.

Lum is currently expanding on his ‘Dialectics and Aesthetics of Creating with the Digital - An Anthropology of Interface’ - a tempo-historic phenomenology – combination of multisided ethnographic research, digital ethnography, and interactive film project which investigates the lives of digital creators through a shared exploration of layers of belief systems, experiences and beliefs, to then analysing with them their current relationships with their formed philosophies, daily engagements and their creations.

His latest and soon to be realeased film and new media works include: "Women of Liberty" (2021), “” (2021), “School-Houses in Kosova during the 1990s” (2022), “” (2022),  "GOF” – ‘Filmworld’” (2019), "Voices From Within" (2018), “The numerous thoughts and things” – interactive film (2017), "Machinima Film" (2016) etc.

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