A Post War Odyssey

Original Title: 2000: A Post-war 

Director: Zgjim Terziqi    

Screenplay:    Zgjim Terziqi

English Title:  2000: A Post-war  Odyssey

Producer:    Valmira Hyseni

Production Company:    Plan Bee


Lis, a 10-year-old local boy, whose father is a missing person from the Kosovo war, lives cramped in a small apartment with his family during the early beginning of the millennia. The burden put upon him to become a man by society, pushes him to fulfill a suppressed dream and join a small circus troupe of 3 French people (Agnès, Robert and Jean-Pierre) who are in Kosovo on their pursuit to entertain the children of the land. Through this journey, Lis will learn a lot about himself, and the French people about their naivete and ignorance about war trauma and the actions it could lead to.

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