Original Title: Karma

English Title: Karma

Director: Esat Fejza

Screenplay: Esat Fejza

Producer: Esat Fejza

Production Company: Prolog


Three years ago, 40-year-old Dako lost his faith in love, trying to end his life. But the greed for money gave him hope to avenge his fate and led him to change his mind and agree to go to prison for a 50,000 euro fine and serve his sentence instead of a criminal. Dako, meanwhile, had managed to defraud the law by appearing to be mentally ill and had been sentenced to serve his sentence at the Mental Illness Hospital. Now, after 3 years, his friends Miki and Gega, naive, jobless and hopeless, go to the Psychiatric Hospital to get Dako, its time to be released. The only hope for a change in their hopeless economic situation is Dako’s plan, which promises to reward them from a deal with the notorious Godzilla Mafioso, for which he has served a prison sentence. The purpose of Dako and his companions is to be prepared for any unexpected. There are various difficulties and perils along the way. The Godzilla Mafia man is weaving a plan of betrayal and trap. Naivety, greed and ignorance all lead to unpredictable confusion, surprises and unexpected turns

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