True Friends

English Title: True Friends 

Director: Valbona Jashari  
 Screenplay: Valbona Jashari  
 Producer: Val Jashari    

  Production Company:    WaveMaker films


TRUE FRIENDS, a group of pre-teens inspired by the well-known artist Unikkatil, they all risk being part of the last concert of the king of Hip-Hop. In this film we find the world of five pre-teens who face problems caused by their ideology of being a “gangster” is the way it should be lived life. They are on fire for their HIP-HOP king, Unikkatil, and they are ready to risk a lot to experience once in a lifetime the artist’s concert, live. This movie includes comedy, drama, adventure, family, society, childhood, and maybe that mostly demonstrates how important what is and how the youth of our nation is exposed. Always accompanied by amazing sounds, True Friends is an adventure for every viewer.

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