Original Title: Pilivesa

English Title: Dragonfly

Director: Mjellma Istrefi

Screenplay: Mjellma Istrefi

Producer: Besmir Krapi

Production Company: Mayfly Production


KAIA, a 4-year-old girl is angry because her sisters do not want to play anymore te. In a jar she holds in her hands, she has caught a dragonfly whom she considers a friend its best. Her grandfather EDVINI, tries to comfort her by showing her one story about a dragonfly who loses her family. His story begins and melts in us view of the story. Early in the morning, dragonfly larvae float smoothly over forest river, until they are attacked by river fish. One larva leaves from the others and bubbles in the torrent water. BILLI, realistic, ironic turtles, modest and very slow is walking with REJ, locust e impatient, irrational, dreamy (thinks he can fly) and very i noisy, when they find the little dragonfly almost under the clutches of KAI, the chameleon of disgusting, wicked and greedy. After rescuing him from the hands of the predator, Bill and Ray decide to take care of it; also decide to call her Nina. Not knowing that dragonflies live only 24 h, Bill and Ray will face many surprises during their time as a nanny; starting from Nina’s rapid development into an adult.

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