I must go down to the sea again

English Title: I must go down to the sea again 

Current production phase: Script Development / pre-production 

Finished by: 2024 

Budget: - 

Estimated Length: 2 hours 

Director: Leart Rama 

Screenplay: Leart Rama 

Producer: Nita Deda 

Production Company: Katarzë Films 


As Vali, a film school student, invites Drin, a student of acting, to give him a role in his  graduation film, the two decide to leave the formalities aside and get to know one  another. A short amount of time passes and the boys find themselves entering a spring  of adventures, spiritual connection, drugs, betrayal of trust, pain and disconnection. After  months of separation the two meet again professionally - to finish Vali’s movie – but  professionalism is not valid when the heart races unquestionably.

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