Bloom - Film i Metrazhit të Shkurtë Dokumentar

Catalogue 2020 – Films in Production


Original Title: Procvat


English Title: Bloom


Finished by:  November, 2020


Budget: 58.000 Euro


Estimated Length: 25 min


Director: Edin Alija


Screenplay: Edin Alija


Producer: Haris Alija


Production Company: KANDËRR





“Djurdjevdan” is traditional goran celebration where goran youth all over the world comes to Gora to meet and marry.


Elma Selimi(21) is a goran from Serbia who decided to visit the celebration for the first time in her life in order to meet her future goran husband.



Producer’s Contact: Haris Alija

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: +383 0(49) 169 022



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