Original Title: Heshtja e Sirenave

English Title: Silence of Sirens

Finished by:  2021

Total Budget: 338,350 eur

Public funds already in place - subsidized by KCC: 100,000 eur

Estimated Length: 90 min

Director: Gazmend Nela

Screenplay: Gazmend Nela

Producer: Valon Bajgora & Arben Shala


Production Company:  Frame & Ikone Studio




Arif, a corrupted traffic police officer from small town in Kosovo, in his usually routine where he is on duty, got to their usual checkpoint where they pull over cars over speeding. They give fines to some of them, while they let the others go in exchange of bribery.

But one car doesn’t stop and after chasing and pull him over, they arrest and international prosecutor from special court for war crimes in Kosovo. He has a bag with money which was paid to him by an accused individual who turns out to be a minister of the Kosovo government. Avnia steals some money from the total amount of that money.

He is under pressure as he is being threatened from two individuals that were sent out to find that money.

He is in dilemma, whether he should keep the money and deny everything that happened or to figure out a way to return the money for his family's safety.


Producer’s Contact: [email protected] tel: +38345505307

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