DEBORA - Feature Film

Original Title: Debora

English Title: Debora

Finished by:  2020

Total Budget: 297 000 EUR

Public funds already in place - subsidized by KCC: 7000 EUR

Estimated Length: 90 min

Director: Arlinda Morina

Screenplay: Arlinda Morina

Producer: Lulzim Luigji Bejta

Production Company: Raven City Production

Co-producer: Servan Guney, Ilinka Iljoska

Co-production: RTNT Film , T4 Media



It’s the liberation day of Pristina, 1999.  Debora, a teenage girl, has a conflict with her father. She wants to go out and celebrate with her best friend. Her father Shkelzen, who due to the post-war state of the country has become an agitated person won’t let her go out. He is warning her that freedom brings a new battle to be fought.

Despite the alert, Debora goes out with her friend Milot to a club, where she meets with the charming owner Durim, who is almost twice her age and was forcefully married from his family. Unconventional of this situation, they go out and try new things together. Concomitantly, she rejects Milot, who tries to raise their platonic relationship on a higher level and always warns and tries to take care of her.

As Debora and Durim meet frequently their mutual struggles become visible and their relationship strengthens. Driven by a strong desire for him, Debora undertakes a hazardous venture with alcohol, drugs and sex.

After several months of an emotional escapade, she gets in another crossroad: she gets pregnant and needs a solution. Within this series of devastating events, Debora decides to abort and finds the courage to face herself and the family.


Producer’s Contact: [email protected] +383 44 249 794

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