FLEEING - Script Development

Catalogue 2019 – Films

Original Title: Ikja

English Title: Fleeing

Finished by: July 2019

Total Budget: /

Public funds already in place – subsidized by KCC: 5000€

Estimated Length: 130 min

Director: Artur Tahiraj

Screenplay: Artur Tahiraj

Producer: Artur Tahiraj

Co-producer: /

Production Company: fokusfilm

Co-production: /



Skender, after they killed his son, returns from Germany, after 30 years, again in Kosovo. He will bury his son and build a home to live there with Marlin, his wife from Germany. His escape a few decades ago from Kosovo, and his departure from Germany today reflects on the drama of emigration that Skender and others must deal with.


Producer`s Contakt: [email protected]

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