LOST TRIBE - Documentary Film

Original Title: Fisi i humbur

English Title: Lost Tribe

Finished by:   

Total Budget: 60,000 EURO

Public funds already in place - subsidized by KCC: 15,000 EURO

Estimated Length: 60 min

Director: Arzana Kraja

Screenplay: Garentina Kraja, Arzana Kraja

Producer: Fitim Shala


Production Company: Sorra Production shpk





Heterodox in obedience and Shi'ah in religious orientation, in an environment identified with Sunni Islam, Bektashi are singled out as a curious case, due to a little known role that intertwines with the stimulation and cultivation of the national spirit. Bektashi consider burka unnecessary , they treat women equal in prayer, leadership and devotion to religion and they do not relate to limitations such as alcohol consumption or fasting of Ramadan. This order is also characterized by a spiritual superiority, in which the inseparable part is music and poetry, as well as the embrace of the "other", in addition to an undiscovered code of rites that has given the almost mystical dimension to their presence in these regions.

The documentary "The Lost Tribe" is a journey through the history and the spiritual side of this undocumented religious order.


Producer’s Contact: [email protected], +38344167414

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