THE FIGHT FOR SCHOOL - Documentary Film

Original Title: Lufta për shkollën

English Title: The Fight for School

Finished by:  2020

Total Budget:

Public funds already in place - subsidized by KCC: 18.000 Euro

Estimated Length: 45-60min

Director: Ilir Kabashi

Screenplay: Nuhi Bytyçi

Producer: Nuhi Bytyçi


Production Company:” IDEA”





Lufta për shkollën” (The Fight for School) is a beautiful story about the bad and evil times. An oasis of peace in war time. It is about a nylon school built in the Berisha Mountains that had gathered around 200 pupils of the surrounding villages. In this school the classes were held for several months for displaced pupils from their homes at the height of the war in Kosovo.

These are film footages of the times which gives us the best this different story about the war, a desire of pupils and teachers to keep alive the hope for school and survival.

The fate of people seen in the twenty-year-old authentic and timely shooting in quite different circumstances reveals the best the bad fate of man.   


Producer’s Contact: tel. +383  45 384 701 [email protected]

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