THERE OR HERE - Short Film

Original Title: Qaty a Qitu

English Title: There or Here

Finished by:  May

Total Budget: 20,000 Euro

Public funds already in place - subsidized by KCC: 15,000 Euro

Estimated Length: 15 minutes

Director: Dina Morina

Screenplay: Dina Morina

Producer: Adea Kelmendi

Co-producer: /

Production Company: Supercut PRoduction

Co-production: /



Set in recent times in Kosovo, a typical family manages to creates an unreasonable situation that leads to unimaginable endings. Suri, a sophisticated tailor, decides to make a special gift for someone he knows will meet soon, and little does he know that something that simple makes up for a short movie.
Vjosa, daughter of Suri, misunderstands the whereabouts of her father’s grave and finds herself in doubt when it comes to tough decision time. She tries not to go through this alone and relies on her brother’s help to find a solution. Meanwhile, Bardhi, son of Suri would rather enjoy blaming others and settle for the easy solution than go through everything with everyone. The misunderstanding between Vjosa and Suri leads to problems with Arbnor whose missing one father’s grave and wants actions more than explanations and choices.

Producer’s Contact: [email protected];

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