UMBRELLA - Short Film

Original Title:  Ombrella

English Title: Umbrella

Finished by:  31.03.2019

Total Budget: 22,650 €

Public funds already in place - subsidized by KCC: 11,500 €

Estimated Length: 20m

Director: Ben Apolloni

Screenplay: Ag Apolloni

Producer: Xhemajl Avdyli

Co-producer: -

Production Company: Om Production

Co-production: -



"Ombrella" is a film about the state of the families of the missing people several years after the end of the war in Kosovo. The film speaks of the fate of a woman who, after few weeks when she was married, Serbian army took her husband, for the fate of which she never knows anything. Also, during this time she was raped, and was pregnant and gives birth to a girl, who never learns who has a true father. The woman remains alone with the baby. Also, the the family of the male character was killed. This topic of the movie is placed 9 years after the end of the war. The woman has all hopes on a person who is committed to illuminating the fate of the missing, who was also his best friend at the same time. But during these troublesome years, when more and more hopes are lost each day, they begin a love affair with each other and now the fate of a man's destiny becomes complicated. The woman still hopes to find alive her husband, while the male character hopes to find his friend’s dead body. However, both, in different ways, want this nightmare to end.


Producer’s Contact: Xhemajl Avdyli, +38344107873,

[email protected]

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