DRUMS OF RESISTANCE - Documentary Film

Original Title: Daullet e Rezistencës

English Title: Drums of Resistance

Year of Release: 2016

Running Time: 65'

Director: Mathieu Jouffre

Screenplay: Mathieu Jouffre, Besa Luci

DOP: Mathieu Jouffre

Producer: Besa Luci

Production Company: MB Office

Synopsis: When ex-Yugoslavia began to fall apart, the Serbian regime banned Kosovar Albanians from participating in public life. Albanian employees across public institutions were fired. Albanian media outlets were closed down. Many elementary and high schools were closed to Albanian students and the entire university system was shut down. During the 1990’s in Kosovo, teaching resumed in private apartments, houses and basements stores. This documentary shows how a parallel society and reality was organized. It shows how segregation and apartheid became the norm. Besa Luci and Mathieu Jouffre wrote the script for this challenging film together. In it people are in a relaxed atmosphere: eating, drinking, chatting and revisiting vividly one of the most exciting as well as tragic periods in the history of Kosovo.

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