BEHIND GOD'S BACK - Script Development

Original Title:  Deri ne fund

English Title: Behind God’s back

Director: Valter Lucaj

Screenplay: Astrit Kabashi

Producer: Liridon Cahani

Production Company: N.I. Valter Lucaj



Screenplay Based on true story.

Lumi together with some of his relatives were taken prisoners by Serb paramilitary force and were tortured and humiliated and went through a true hell, from prison to prison, without knowing were their life’s will end. Founding themselves into impossible circumstances, not even knowing why they are being held as prisoners, disconnected from all their contacts, their only mission remains to stay alive.

On the other hand, Lum’s brother Luli after escaping from Kosovo to Macedonia, now is struggling with another war while trying to find more information about his brother Lumi.  The only information he had was that he was killed by Serbian paramilitary force.


Producer’s Contact:

Liridon Cahani

 [email protected]

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