SKYPE - Feature Film

Original Title: Skype (working title)

English Title: Skype

Finished by: May 2018

Estimated Length: 90’

Director: Isa Qosja

Screenplay: Isa Qosja

Producer: Bajrush Kajtazi

Production Company: 4MM Pictures


“Skype”- drama about loneliness, isolation, abandonment of homeland by youth, alienation of the individual, as well as virtual communication of two worlds: the highlands and the metropolis. A reality overfilled with loneliness and boredom of elders appears in the continued duel with ambition and dreams of young people to escape from "the wilderness" to a better life. The screenplay is distinguished for intriguing scenes, interesting characters, and above all, the atmosphere that best describes "the small world", in which the story takes place, as well as its only connection to the "big world" - through “Skype”.

Producer’s Contact: Bajrush Kajtazi 
[email protected]

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