SUNNY HILL - Feature Film

Original Title:  Kodra e Diellit

English Title: Sunny Hill

Estimated Length: 120 min

Director: Blerim Gjoci

Screenplay: Blerim Gjoci

Producer: Blerim Gjinovci

Production Company: The Group


In just two days, on April 1 and 2, 1999, the city of Prishtina with about three hundred thousand inhabitants is completely emptied of almost two thousand civilians distributed in small quarters, living hidden in basements and homes that are not visible. Foreign nationals had an order to release Kosovo because if they were to be attacked they would be killed without warning. While the Americans are especially proclaimed, because America was the enemy.
The Sunshine Hill is supposed to have seven thausand secrets hidden, of which two hundred disappear during three months of bombing. One of the reasons why it was never discussed for this group of people is the fact that this group was denied to have existed and was silent, not to be discussed for ever.


Producer’s Contact: [email protected]

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