CITY LIGHTS - Feature Film

Original Title: Dritat e Qytetit

English Title: City Lights

Finished by: 2020

Estimated Length: 100’

Director: Parta Kelmendi

Screenplay: Parta Kelmendi

Producer: Valmira Hyseni / Mirsad Lushtaku

Co-producer: Aferdita Kelmendi

Production Company: Nam Creative

Co-production: Company 21

Synopsis (up to 100 words):

Jeta and her family move from town, to live in the village at her grandparents house. Father decides to sell the car, he needs to buy a truck for his work. Jeta has no ride for school. She’s desperate, so she steals some coins from her fathers jacket for a bus ticket. Mother finds out from a neighbor that Jeta went to town. The situation is very tense, mother suggests to marry Jeta. She opposes, but no one listens. Mother forces Jeta to prepare her dowry. The wedding date is approaching. Jeta decides to escape. 


Producer’s Contact:

Valmira Hyseni
[email protected]

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