Original Title: Cirku Fluturues

English Title: The Flying Circle

Finished by: 2019

Estimated Length: 90’

Director: Fatos Berisha

Screenplay: Fatos Berisha

Producer: Vjosa Berisha

Production Company: B2 agency


Kosovo is on the verge of war. ‘Dodona’ a small theatre in Prishtina closes down as the last public institution. Our 4 main characters, young actors KUSHTRIM, DONAT, FATMIR and LEKA watch poster of their play being removed. Its surrealistic comedy called “The Flying Circus” inspired by the legendary British TV series "Monty Python’s Flying Circus”.  But, 'something completely different' will happen. They get an invitation to perform in theatre festival, in Albania. Travelling is very dangerous and they don’t have passports. Although tempted, they decide not to go. Fatmir listens to the news on TV that Michael Palin of Monty Python is going to be filming in Albania at the same time when the festival happens. Idea of somehow meeting their idol is irresistible. But, the only way to make this journey is by illegally crossing the border of Montenegro and Albania, and that is great risk. They decide to go for it.

Producer’s Contact:
Vjosa Berisha
[email protected] 

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