TROUBLED SKYE - Feature Film

Original Title: Qiell i trazuar

English Title: Troubled Skye

Finished by: 2018

Estimated Length:  100’

Director: Anton Ndreca

Screenplay: Anton Ndreca

Producer: Adriatik Kelmendi

Production Company:  El Media

DOP: Samir Karahoda

Editor: Krenar Belegu

Cast: Jehon Gorani, Arta Muçaj, Imer Kutllovci etc.

Synopsis: A well known psychiatrist (Haki) decides to kill himself exclusively due to philosophical reasons. He came to a conclusion that this life is unworthy and that nothing really matters. Haki tries to convince his family to let him do it. His family has no intention to let him go, which brings us to a conflict and devastation. Haki is also a member of an amateur choir and the whole music of the movie is choir music. Troubled Skies is a drama about existentialism relied on shoulders of qualified man, who brings a lot of nihilistic arguments to defend his decision. 


Producer’s Contact: 
Adriatik Kelmendi
[email protected]

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