THE VANISHED - Feature Film

Original Title: I Treturi

English Title: The Vanished

Finished by: December 2018

Budget: 465,776 Euro

Estimated Length: 110 Min

Director: Arben Thaqi

Screenplay: Arben Thaqi

Producer: Arben Thaqi

Co-producer: Valon Bajgora

Production Company: Ikone-Studio (Kosovo)

Co-production: Besnik Bisha

Production Company: B&G Film (Albania)

The lonely life far from his homeland and his family makes the old Beqir, a wanderer, a solitary man confined in his own world. He doesn’t communicate even with his only companion, his wife Margaret.  She has to prowl into her husband's past to really understand his situation, but will she like what she will find out or maybe this will thrust their relationship even deeper into despair. 

Producer’s Contact:

Arben Thaqi
[email protected]

Valon Bajgora
[email protected]

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