LOVE AND SLEEP - Feature Film

Original Title: Gjumë dhe dashuri

English Title: Love and Sleep

Length: 85’

Director: Arsim Haliti

Screenplay: Arian Krasniqi, Arsim Haliti

Producer: Valon Bujupi 

Executive Producer:  Valon Jakupaj

DOP: Isak Duraku

Editor : Enis Saraqi

Cast: Besim Ajeti, Anisa Ismajli etc.

Production Company:  GEGNIA FILM 


Love And Sleep is a story about Astrit who does everything in his power to heal his daughter Zana, which for months has fallen into a coma following a car accident. 
Astrit is faced with some difficult decisions and decides to sell the house in order to send his daughter abroad for better treatments. During the time in hospital doctors discover that Zana is pregnant, which shocks Astrit.
Astrit is faced with a problem which puts him in a conflict with his wife in an attempt to find out with whom is his daughter pregnant.
Faced with this problem Astrit sets up to find out the father of the unborn baby.

Producer’s Contact:

Valon Bujupi
Valon Jakupaj
[email protected] 

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