Original Title:  Një tregim Prishtine

English Title:  A Prishtina Story

Year of Production: 2018

Length: 85’

Director: Burbuqe Berisha 

Screenplay: Getoarbë Mulliqi Bojaj

Producer: Agron Vula 

Production Company: ABFILMI 

DOP: Samir Karahoda

Editor: Agron Vula

Cast: Teuta Krasniqi, Donat Qosja, Luran Ahmeti, Artiola Hamdijaj

Aurora and Ben are newlyweds; they have a daughter, Fiona. This family belongs to the middle class of the society, but live in harmony and are very happy. 
Their challenges begin when their nine year old daughter is diagnosed with cancer; Ben loses his job, while he is still paying his company’s debt, and they have to pay the new apartment’s mortgage, as well as the loan. Aurora works for an international organization, but with her salary she has some troubles to cover all their expenses; especially now when they’ll need the money for Fiona’s treatment, abroad.
The family drama, social drama, as well as corruption and love, take a turn when Fiona is diagnosed. Ben is forced to do things he never thought of doing; meanwhile Aurora doesn’t understand Ben’s situation, and leaves him. There will be crimes committed and future plans on hold.  

Producer’s Contact:
Agron Vula  [email protected] 

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