SCREAM - Short Film

Original Title: Klithma

English Title: Scream

Estimated Length:  27’

Director: Korab Lecaj

Screenplay: Korab Lecaj, Hazir Haziri

DOP: Almir Djikolli

Cast: Hazir Haziri, Ariola Demiri, Arbnesha Nixha, Alban Zogaj

Producer: Besar Zahiti, Hazir Haziri

Production Company: Land Films


A family drama reflected in the trauma of sexual rape that took place during the war and the pressure that comes from the revelation of this truth, manage to disrupt the behavior of Din in relation to his wife and the district where he lives. Din unfortunately, like many others, was sexually raped during the war, the truth had already begun to emerge and this condition was weighing on him emotionally, having difficulty facing his wife and the society regarding this tragic reality.


Producer’s Contact: 
Besar Zahiti
[email protected]

Hazir Haziri
 [email protected]

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