WISDOM - Documentary Film

Original Title: Urtësia

English Title: Wisdom

Finished by: January 2019

Estimated Length:90 min

Director: Bujar Berisha

Screenplay: Bujar Berisha

Producer: Berat Kryeziu

Production Company: Da’art-picture


“Wisdom” is an ambitious 90-minutes documentary film composed of six 15-minutes short documentaries. Through the life-story of Mr. Jasha Alfandar and five other stories from Holocaust survivors we tell the past, the current and the future of the Jewish community in Balkans. Mr. Alfandari tells the bitter story through which the Jewish community and his family have experienced during and after the World War II. After contributing for more than 30 years in consolidating the state of Israel, Mr Alfandari returns to Balkans to unite the remaining Jews and to encourage them fight for their rights.

Producer’s Contact:

Berat Kryeziu
Email:[email protected] 

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