STORYTELLER'S TALE - Documentary Film

Original Title: Tregimi i Tregimtarit

English Title: Storyteller’s Tale

Estimated Length: 45’

Director: Gazmend Avdiu

Screenplay: Gazmend Avdiu

Producer: Gëzim Avdiu

Production Company: Pixels Production



The story follows a journey of about 20 years or so. If not for the courageous and often heroic work of journalists and reporters all over the world, the news from mos dangerous war areas would never reach the media. Sometimes this work is not done by journalists and reporters but by ordinary people in extraordinary situations. The work of these human beigns whose lives are in constant danger would not be possible without their tools of the trade... This is a story of one of these tools of the trade, more specifically a camera...


Producer’s Contact:

Gëzim Avdiu

[email protected]   


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