HOPE - Documentary Film

Original Title:  Shpresa

English Title:  Hope

Finished by: June 2018

Estimated Length: 30’

Director: Vjosa Abazi

Screenplay: Vjosa Abazi

DOP: Endrit Krasniqi

Editor: Atdhe Hoda

Producer: Adonis Krasniqi



This documentary unveils the life of four women, their hardships and challenging situations they face with, on daily basis. These women face truly extreme challenging difficulties that are tough for any human being. Makfirete Zenuni, a 41 years old lady, since three years she takes care 24 hours about her son who is in comma Valentina a 29-year-old lady, due to life’ roughness has lost the sense of life and femininity. Ferdenija 65 years old, from Gjakova interacts on daily basis with her deceased sons and husband, killed in the last War in Kosovo, whereas the last character Dada a 55 years old Lady, from Prizren survives by collecting used cans to bring joy for her children.



Producer’s Contact:

Adonis Krasniqi

[email protected]

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