MATCHMAKING - Documentary Film

Original Title: Msitnia

English Title: Matchmaking

Estimated Length: 70 min

Director: Genc Mehmeti & Dren Berisha

Screenplay: Genc Mehmeti

Producer: Kastriot Jahaj

Production Company: In Motion, Kosovo



The documentary film Msitnia (Matchmaking) will address the phenomenon of traditional matchmaking of Albanians in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Serbia. Although not based on formal statistics the traditional matchmaking is believed to be enormous.

Mediators make the deal of matchmaking with the parents of the potential couple, but the boy and the girl who are subject of this deal they are not asked about their will. We have found out that this method of matchmaking violates basic human rights especially women. According to sociologists this is considered as one of the most primitive forms of matchmaking. The mediators tend to proclaim this method of matchmaking as a very successful method, and people united by this method they have less chances of getting divorced.


Producer’s Contact:

Kastriot Jahaj

E-mail: [email protected]

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