TELL ME MY STORY - Documentary Film

Original Title: Tell Me My Story

English Title: Tell Me My Story

Year of Production: 2018

Estimated Length: 75’

Regjia: Dardan Islami, Adrian Paci

Screenplay: Dardan Islami & Thomas Logoreci

DOP: Samir Karahoda

Producer: Alush Gashi

Co-producer: Dardan Islami

Production Company: INIT, Kosovo




The non-fiction take on the life of war veteran Dardan Islami from his childhood in the former Yugoslavia to his more recent existence as a broadcaster, newspaper columnist and celebrated club owner. His life serves as a backdrop for parallel stories that unfolded in Kosovo during the last three decades, including NATO bombing and refugee tales. Ultimately, it is an attempt to deconstruct and explain the region tangled in its complexities.


Producer’s Contact:

Alush Gashi

[email protected]


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