SONS OF KOSOVO - Documentary Film

Original Title: Sons of Kosovo

English Title: Sons of Kosovo

Year of Production: 2017

Length: 68’

Director: Gilles Coton

Screenplay: Gilles Coton

DOP: Tristan Galand

Editor: Lenka Fillnerova

Cast: Renoar Hadri, Milan Topalovic

Producer: Isabel de la Serna

Co-producer: Yll Uka

Production Company: Playtime FIlms

Co-production: Ikone-Studio



Brussels. 25th February 1990. A car stops at a traffic light. A motorbike approaches and blocks its path. Two shots hit their target. A man is assassinated. The story of a Kosovo political refugee executed by the Yugoslavian secret services by command of Slobodan Milosevic.

We follow Renoar, Enver’s son. After being forced into exile for four decades, he returns to the source, retracing his father’s legacy and dismantling the myth of the hero while embarking on a search for another man: his Serbian half-brother Milan Hadri-Topalovic.

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