TO WANT, TO NEED, TO LOVE - Documentary Film

Original Title: Me dasht’, me dasht’, me dasht;

English Title: To want, to need, to love

Finished by: 2017

Estimated Length: 90’

Director: Ilir Hasanaj

Screenplay: Ilir Hasanaj

DOP: Ilir Hasanaj

Composer: Arbër Salihu, Tomor Kuci

Sound Design: Benoit Barraud

Producer: Rina Kika

Production Company: Unseen sh.p.k



A freshly split up couple tries to find a way to work and live together in a performance art project with 30 artists that travels through 3 countries. They are accompanied by a lost teenager, who is disappointed from life.


Producer’s Contact:

Rina Kika

Web: [email protected]

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