IN FRAME - Animation Film

Original Title: : N’kornizë

English Title: In frame

Estimated Length: 15’

Director: Gëzim Ramizi

Screenplay: Hana Zeqa

Producer: Rron Ismajli

Production Company:  ARCHFM


Synopsis: This film treats the story of a young boy living in the imaginary city of Prishtina. He owns a small shop where he makes frames that people use to decorate their memories. He has no friends and slowly is losing even his customers. Outside his shop, life is happening for other people. They make a lot of plans over coffee for hours, but never have the courage start working on them.

 Everything remains in the coffee table after they leave. This phenomenon that has gripped the whole city irritates the boy and he feels that is time to make a change. He has a mirage that would lead him to the solution of ending this stagnation, start the awakening, awareness, new beautiful memories, revitalizing active life that often diminishes in this social stress.

Producer’s Contact:

Rron Ismajli

[email protected]

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