CLARA - Animation Film

Original Title: Clara
English Title: Clara
Estimated Length: 15’
Director: Vala Blakçori
Screenplay: Dafina Syla

Producer: Ilir Blakçori
Production Company: Molos
Some say that money is the offspring of all evil, but some argue that it can be the product of good things too. Money is a tool, when used properly it produces something beautiful; but when used incorrectly, it can cause a mess. With money being the main motive for human action, this short animated film begins with its main character – a 100 deutschmark, with its beautiful portrait of Clara Schumann. This banknote travels from one person to another, unveiling their stories and perspectives. Traveling from hand to hand, Clara reveals different human emotions and situations. It embodies herself into a war, life rescue, robbery, crime, corruption, fraud, destruction and hope.
Producer’s Contact:
Ilir Blakçori
[email protected]
[email protected]

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