ROOFTOP STORY - Feature film

Director: Gazmend Nela

Script: Gazmend Nela, Arian Krasniqi

Producer: Gazmend Nela, Valon Bajgora

Cast :Xhevdet Doda, Arti Lokaj, Monna Mustafa

Sinopsis: Lumi wants to exterminate all the crows of his city;he blames them for the loss of his family in a traffic accident. . He meets Yllka which is in search of her son that she had given up him since his birth five years ago and was adapted from local family. She is seeking to take him back on his birthday. They make an agreement to help each other, so Lum to kill all the crows and Yllka to take her son and the two set out on an adventure in which they discover their past.

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